Here’s my second blog article on the second most frequent question I’m asked – “What are abstract paintings?” Before we go into the abstract part of art, let’s consider for a moment, the meaning of art.

What is art?

Is art a skill? Or is it a way of doing things? A way of creating something? A means to an endless beginning? A way to express yourself? Express a story, a part of history, literature or express through music? Is the world a piece of art? Beautiful landscapes, scenic mountains, the ocean, clear blue sky, blooming flowers, the early morning sunrise, or a romantic sunset? All these are God’s creation. If God is the artist, aren’t we God’s creation? That would make us a piece of art. Art is us! How marvelous!


If art is us, then as an artist, I create myself. I express myself through art. Which means, I express myself through my creation of myself. Whew! And you thought art was easy.

So how do you express yourself through art? There are many forms of art including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, music, literature and dance. Let’s focus on paintings. There are different types of art paintings, but abstract art is clearly the most free flowing and creative form of painting. It is also the most difficult to create and the most difficult to understand.

What are abstract paintings and how to appreciate them?

Abstract is something which is difficult to define and comprehend. It is personal to everyone. Some might find abstract art to be child’s play, some find it fantasy, some call it perfection. So what are abstract paintings?

One option is to visualize what it means to you. There can be several meanings attached to an abstract painting. The idea of immersing yourself into the painting, into a creation of unlimited possibilities, is enriching for some people and overwhelming for others. An alternative is to read about the artist and understand their story. Read what inspired the artist to create this piece of artwork. What does this painting mean to the artist? What is he or she trying to express? Why not try talking to the artist?

How to create abstract art?

What are abstract paintings - Panna Paintings

Abstract art – Twist of Fate VII

You create through a strong sense of balance and composition, using the right blend of colors to make it come alive. Abstract art is created from the heart, with a deep sense of right or wrong.

But, as explained in my previous blog, it all starts with an idea. I use this idea to create a series of paintings. The creation process can be several hours to several days for a single painting – after all, art is us!
Watch my YouTube video which demonstrates how I create abstract art.

I will sign off with one of my favorite painting quotes.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream” – Vincent van Gogh

What do you dream? According to you, what are abstract paintings?