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Our online painting gallery is a visual collection of the latest canvas paintings by Panna. Filter by the latest exclusive, abstract, contemporary, flower, nature landscape, Ganesha, OM & Buddha spiritual paintings from our art gallery.

Our painting gallery is viewed best from a desktop, laptop, iPad or similar large devices.

Abstract art - Online painting gallery by Panna
Our Abstract art is inspired from fundamental elements of life. Human desires, joys & sorrows, you will find all these feelings depicted in abstract. We hope our artistic twists will inspire and our colorful paintings will ignite the feeling of pure joy!

View Indian abstract art paintings

Contemporary art - Online painting gallery by Panna
Our Contemporary art brings the best of contemporary art with its intricate designs, overlaps and use of colors. We call it perfection.

View Indian contemporary paintings

Exclusive art - Online painting gallery by Panna
Our Exclusive art takes inspiration from the day-to-day life. These are exclusive one-off designs, and do not follow Panna’s concept of painting a series of paintings together. From inception to the book of life, they will definitely make your day!

View exclusive Indian canvas paintings

Floral art - Online painting gallery by Panna
Our Floral art portrays beautiful textures & delicate intricacy which livens up any wall. Thankfully these flowers bloom forever!

View abstract floral paintings canvas

Landscape art - Online painting gallery by Panna
Our Landscape art is inspired by the application of abstract and modern art to paint picturesque nature and beautiful scenery.

View nature & semi abstract landscape paintings

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Spiritual art - Online painting gallery by Panna
Our Spiritual art is inspired from the widely revered deity, Ganesha, along with Buddha and the mystic & spiritual OM symbol. These intricate and soothing paintings aim to foster love, strength, hope, peace and happiness.

View abstract paintings of Hindu gods – Buddha, OM, Ganesha