Indian Contemporary Paintings

Our Indian contemporary paintings bring the best of contemporary art with its intricate designs, overlaps and use of colors. We call it perfection.

Our contemporary art gallery is best viewed from a desktop, laptop, iPad or similar large devices.

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What is contemporary art?

The definition of contemporary art can be quite difficult for a layman to comprehend. It refers to art at the present period in time and is technically different from the term modern art. With so many art movements and styles coined over the decades, it is really easy to get confused!

If abstract art is abstract, then what is contemporary art?

Contemporary art can be very broad since artists use a wide range of mediums to express a wide range of topics. These paintings can be perceived differently and can be hard to understand at times. Is there more to contemporary art than what meets the eye? Read on for a different take on contemporary art.

Different contemporary artists create their own style, and Panna’s style is best described as “Indian contemporary paintings”. There is a strong influence of her Indian heritage, combined with a particular abstract style. She likes to use fine a combination of intricate designs, overlaps and use of colors until the painting “feels” perfect – and this feeling is rather abstract!

So what is contemporary art for us? Contemporary art is about rediscovery, and even more concrete that this, it is about rediscovering the deepest feelings. The focus is on rendering those shades, to choosing the right colors, and to blend them until you express something so profound that sometimes words are not enough to name those feelings. This eureka moment on canvas is both intricate and beautiful!

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