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Panna Sanghavi - contemporary, modern & Indian abstract artist

There is life in each painting.

Panna Sanghavi is an established Mumbai-based artist, specializing in abstract, modern and contemporary art. Panna’s paintings range from portraying life and human feelings in abstract, exclusive one-off paintings, beautiful flower & nature paintings to soothing spiritual paintings which foster peace, hope, love and happiness.

I believe that there is life in each painting. Every painting has a meaning, and every painting can enhance your mood, productivity and well being.
I love expressing through art. Every time I pick up the paintbrush, my passion flows on the canvas through an outburst of emotion through vivid colors, themes and intricate designs.

Painting is the next best feeling after motherhood.

Panna is a self-taught artist who has been painting since 1975. She has experimented with different forms of art including acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, watercolor on paper, mixed media on metal, fabric painting, and glass painting. Currently, this famous Indian abstract artist is focusing on making her paintings come alive through colorful acrylic colors on canvas.
I take inspiration from life – nature, God, my clients, quotes, colors and everything around me! My family supports & promotes my art, I paint to express myself and support social causes.


Our Mission: Let’s Share The Love!

1. Create

First and foremost, we believe in creating original art which delights.

We liven up homes & offices

2. Support

We believe that ART is US – we work to support various social causes.

We liven up someone’s life

3. Grow

Lastly, we’re using all the love we get to grow bigger and expand globally.

We aim to liven up this world

Art for a social cause – pick a cause, and we’ll do our bit


Hunger, Education, Proverty

Urmila Brundaban Nayak Memorial Education Trust

UBNMET is a professionally managed and committed NGO. It was founded with the objective to restore the most pressing problems of India: Hunger, education & work.


Awareness for women


RISE was initiated as a campaign to make Mumbai a better place for women. Currently, it is in the process of being registered as a youth organisation. RISE organises frequent seminars and uses social media to spread awareness.

Share the love

Supporting in our daily lives

Share the love

We strive do something for society in our daily lives. There are millions who could benefit from nutritious food, right education and timely medical help – as an Indian abstract artist, we promote our art for a social cause.

Behind the scenes


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