Indian Abstract Art Paintings

Our Indian abstract art paintings are inspired from fundamental elements of life. Human desires, joys & sorrows, you will find all these feelings depicted in abstract. We hope our artistic twists will inspire and our colorful paintings will ignite the feeling of pure joy!

Filter by the latest abstract art series from “Music”, “Twist of Fate”, “Joy”, “Desire”, “Chequered Sigma”, “Rangoli” and “Shells”.

Our abstract art gallery is best viewed from a desktop, laptop, iPad or similar large devices.

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More about abstract art

You create through a strong sense of balance and composition, using the right blend of colors to make it come alive. Abstract art is created from the heart, with a deep sense of right or wrong.

Abstract is something which is difficult to define and comprehend. It is personal to everyone. Some might find abstract art to be child’s play, some find it fantasy, some call it perfection.

One option is to visualize what it means to you. There can be several meanings attached to an abstract painting. The idea of immersing yourself into the painting, into a creation of unlimited possibilities, is enriching for some people and overwhelming for others. An alternative is to read about the artist and understand their story. Read what inspired the artist to create this piece of artwork. What does this painting mean to the artist? What is he or she trying to express? Why not try talking to the artist?

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