Motherhood is a blessing which cannot be described in words. No love is greater than a Mother’s love. I have tried to portray this inexplicable feeling in abstract art!

The popular has featured an article on my painting for Mother’s day. The piece titled “A Mother’s infinite love in abstract art” covers my painting “Inception” created to celebrate this love between a Mother and a child.

You can check out the article on here.

As a Mother of two, I learnt to see beauty in various forms and appreciate the God’s gift to humanity. I learnt the art of raising kids, the art of multi-tasking, the art of getting things done, the art of doing things I had never done or experienced before. I also received inspiration for my abstract art by watching my children dabble with colors. Children have an amazingly playful way to express themselves, and I’m convinced that ART is a wonderful medium to express love, affections and feelings.

One of my earlier paintings emphasized that we only require a few simple needs to be happy, and the most valuable possession of all is the love of our family.

My latest creation – “Inception” is a tribute to the bond of a child and a mother. I have imbibed all the feelings of love and appreciation that I have gone through and tried to express it through my medium of acrylic on canvas. My children have played a pivotal role in supporting me for hours when I would be immersed in my own world of paintbrushes and color-palettes.

INCEPTION is dedicated to not only all the beautiful Mom’s out there, but also to our children who support us and make us proud!

Love from a proud Mom,