Exclusive Indian canvas paintings

Our exclusive Indian canvas paintings take inspiration from the day-to-day life. These are exclusive one-off designs, and do not follow Panna’s concept of painting a series of paintings together. From inception to the book of life, they will definitely make your day!

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Our exclusive Indian canvas paintings take inspiration from the day-to-day life. From inception to the book of life, read more about the different exclusive abstract paintings.

  • “Be My Valentine” was created to celebrate the feeling of love. A customized and life-long treat for your valentine, on any day!
  • “Book of Life” represents the different learning and experiences of life, and has no religious significance.
  • “Circle of Life” is a classic which depicts the highs and lows, joys and sorrows, all packed in one emotional masterpiece. It represents the journey of life from birth to death and the afterlife.
  • “Feather Plumage” is inspired by some of the exotic Indian birds. This Indian feather artwork combines the soothing and beautiful touch of feather colors.
  • “Framed Innocence” intends to capture the blooming curiosity of innocence. Whether a plant, a baby or an idea; their innocence needs to be nurtured with love.
  • “Holi – Festival of Colors” was painted to celebrate the most charismatic and colorful festivals of India, Holi.
  • “Inception” represents the beginning of something. This painting portrays the beginning of life inside a mother’s womb, caressed by infinite love.
  • “Peacock” takes inspiration from the beautiful national bird of India. This painting portrays the male and the female, and their extravagantly rich colors.
  • “RISE” was initiated as a campaign to make Mumbai a better place for women. The triangles portray crime towards women, and the circles represent the women. Our mission is to help the circles RISE.
  • “Six Senses” denotes the five senses of human body. plus the sixth sense, in abstract. Can you figure out the six senses?

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