Be creative – Express your love in abstract!

Do you find yourself scratching your head over gifting ideas? And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an occasion – they all expect a gift then! Looking for unique and creative gifting ideas for that special someone? Read on..

Art has no language yet it expresses the feelings, emotions and ideas most beautifully. The vibrancy of colors adds life to our homes and creates everlasting memories.

Painting, as a gift, not only is a safe choice but it also marks your taste and class.

Creative gifting ideas – for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Cliché IdeasSame old, same oldUnique IdeasExample
Bouquet of flowersThey die in a couple of days..Why not gift flowers which bloom forever?Flower Paintings by Panna - Blooming Bud 03
Box of chocolatesLast minute, can’t-think-of-anything-else!Enough of bad teeth, why not gift something which pleases the eyes?Abstract Art - Panna Paintings - Twist of Fate 02
Greeting cardsAnd don’t forget to write your name..Gift a customized painting instead!Abstract Contemporary Art - Panna Paintings - 2
Wedding giftOMG he’s getting married. And I don’t know what to give!Help set up their home with a beautiful painting!Abstract Art - Panna Paintings - Rangoli 3
Baby shower giftsIs it a boy or a girl?What about the mother, honey? An abstract art to express the motherhood love?Abstract Art - Panna Paintings Exclusive - Inception
For your valentineRoses? What else?A customized painting to express your love!Abstract Art - Panna Paintings Exclusive - Be My Valentine
For your MomFlowers? Card? Jewelry? What could she want?Besides your time, a something special (hint: a painting) which she cherishes forever?Abstract Art - Panna Paintings - Joy 4
For your DadI think he’ll love this gadgetYeah, if he figures out how to use it..Make him proud instead!Abstract Art - Panna Paintings Exclusive - Book of Life 1
For that spiritual soulA book? A yoga class? Or maybe I’ll just book a spa..A Buddha, OM or Ganesha painting to enlighten the soul!Spiritual by Panna Paintings - Buddha 10
On your travelsThis place is beautiful! Let me send him/her a postcard!A postcard? What about an original landscape painting??Landscape nature paintings by Panna - Mountain River 2
For your clientsCorporate gifting? Same old accessories which are catching dust?Show your class with a meaningful painting. Liven up their cabins and meeting rooms.Abstract Contemporary Art - Panna Paintings - 1
For the musical loversBuy a guitar? Which one? But he/she already has one..Buy an abstract music painting which inspires them. Add music to their eyes!Abstract Music Paintings by Panna - Blues
For that depressed soulGo watch a comedy? Friends? How do I cheer him/her up?Gift an abstract painting to ignite their hope, remind them of the ups and downs of life.Abstract Art - Panna Paintings - Twist of Fate 06
Something exclusiveHow do I express it?Gift an exclusive painting! It’s sure to make their day!Abstract Art - Panna Paintings Exclusive - Shells

Meaningful gifts which last forever

Some things are priceless. Some others last forever. Some things have a meaning. Some others are a bundle of joy.

The best gifts are meaningful, a source of joy, priceless, and last forever. – Panna

For example, Instead of a bouquet of flowers which wilt in a couple of days, why not gift flowers which bloom forever? Instead of cliché ideas such as a box of chocolates, why not gift a customized painting which your love can cherish? Instead of a guitar CD, why not give a guitar painting which inspires? An abstract painting which teaches your child the values of life is priceless.

Affordable gifting ideas

We have ideas for all occasions from our wide range of abstract, contemporary, floral, spiritual, landscape and exclusive canvas paintings. For those who can’t afford an original, our digital prints of original paintings are a great choice. Starting only $20, you don’t have to wait for an occasion! Why not create one now? 🙂

You create the occasion, we provide you a creative idea – for anyone, anytime, anywhere! – Panna Paintings

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