Contemporary abstract flower paintings

When I started painting contemporary abstract flower paintings as a kid; I was fascinated by the intricate colors, textures and beauty of flowers. I always wondered, why can’t these flowers bloom forever? I’ve explored many forms of floral art since then, and painted flowers with abstract, contemporary, modern, nature and spiritual paintings.

The patterns, colors and styles have evolved over the years, but floral art continues to adorn walls everywhere – bedroom, lobby, conference room, places of worship, hotels, main street and beyond.

Colorful floral canvas art is omnipresent and it transcends beyond the shackles of a mortal flower – Panna

Contemporary abstract flower paintings - Seagrass Meadow 04 - Panna Paintings

Seagrass Meadow

Abstract flower paintings go beyond painting a beautiful flower the way it is. The imagination sparks the flower out of a children’s story book, and dances to the tune of your paintbrush.

And this is what you paint in abstract. Contemporary abstract flower paintings is an art in itself, often appreciated by the more imaginative amongst us.

If flower painting is portrait, then abstract flower paintings is caricature – Panna

Geometric flower paintings is an alternative to abstract flower paintings. In these paintings, the unconstrained abstract is confined within geometrical boundaries.

While I haven’t created a geometric flower painting in a while, feel free to nudge me and I will be happy to create a customized painting.

If shapes and figures excite you, the geometry of flowers will intrigue you – Panna

Floral Canvas Prints

The best gift you can give to a woman besides a diamond? Flowers. Thankfully, it’s now affordable too. And more long lasting.

Our floral canvas prints are digital prints of an original flower painting, and can be gifted from as low as $20. For $20 you can select any of our existing original painting, and we can ship it anywhere in the world.

Enjoy these colorful flower paintings, and remember to share the love!

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