Project Description

Framed art sets of 4 paintings

Our exclusive canvas paintings take inspiration from the day-to-day life. These are exclusive one-off designs, and do not follow Panna’s concept of painting a series of paintings together. From inception to the book of life, they will definitely make your day!

Our framed art sets of 4 Universe paintings aims to depict the dynamism of our massive Universe. They depict the earth, sun, stars and other components in abstract art. We hope they will light up your Universe!

Panna is an established Mumbai-based artist, specializing in abstract, modern and contemporary art. Panna’s paintings range from portraying life and human feelings in abstract, exclusive one-off paintings, beautiful flower & nature paintings to soothing spiritual paintings which foster peace, hope, love and happiness.
Acrylic on canvas
This set of five original abstract paintings can be customized to suit your needs. Framing options are available on request. This painting can be shipped globally. Gifting is possible – contact us for more details.
You can pay online securely using credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. You can also send us a check. Advance payment is required for customized or commission work.
Limited edition digital prints on canvas of this original painting are available.
If you buy original framed art sets of 4 Universe paintings, you get to pick a cause to support. We have tie-ups with NGOs to do our part in livening up someone’s life.

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