Hi, welcome to my art blog – where paintings come alive! I’m finally joining the blogging sphere thanks to my new year’s 2014 resolution. It’s a great platform for several reasons and I hope this resolution sticks!

Here’s what I aspire from my blog:

  • Share and promote my art to a wider audience – with my family helping promote my art, and the art world noticing it globally, there’s a sense of fervid excitement!
  • Share some tips for emerging artists – I’ve gone through the struggles during my early years, and want to give it back to those who need support.
  • Learn, interact, understand, and be inspired by YOU!

So what inspires me?

I come across this question often, especially from my art collectors and my kids! What inspires you? How did you come up with this beautiful painting? What does this painting convey?

I believe that there is life in each painting. Hence, I take inspiration from life – nature, God, quotes, colors and everything around me! An idea can click anytime, so you have to always be open-minded. But usually I get an idea when I’m relaxed and have a blank canvas in front of me, and a paintbrush dripping with colors in my hand.

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” – Picasso

No wonder I’m so sensitive! While I focus on abstract paintings, this would also explain why I love painting modern contemporary art, abstract landscape and nature paintings, flower paintings, geometric art, religious and spiritual art such as Ganesha, OM, and Buddha paintings.

That’s plenty of inspiration to keep me going forever! So what inspires you? 🙂

Where paintings come alive!

My first answer to “Why did you decide to paint?” is always “because I feel alive“. Every time I pick up the paintbrush, my passion flows on the canvas through an outburst of emotion through vivid colors, themes and intricate designs. A paintbrush is my way of connecting to the canvas – a way for me to make my paintings come alive. There is no bigger satisfaction than my clients saying “this is where paintings come alive”.

With this theme in mind, we designed our tagline – “where paintings come alive“. Watch my YouTube video which demonstrates the come alive feeling through lovely butterflies.

Besides painting, I also try to make someone’s life come alive. I believe in art for a social cause, and am doing my bit to give back to society. There are millions who could benefit from nutritious food, right education and timely medical help. I often sponsor a child’s primary education, pay someone’s medical bills, or distribute food to poor. I plan to raise more money from my art auction in the near future.

Until next time. In the meantime, check out my revamped website – www.pannapaintings.com and stay tuned for my next blog article – What are abstract paintings? This is the second most common question I get! 🙂


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