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Music for your eyes

Abstract painting of musical instruments Abstract music art started as a series of six abstract painting of musical instruments. No sooner than I started painting the sound of music, I realized the need to splash more imagination. [...]

Creative gifting ideas – for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Be creative - Express your love in abstract! Do you find yourself scratching your head over gifting ideas? And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an occasion – they all expect a gift then! Looking for unique [...]

Flower paintings which bloom forever!

Contemporary abstract flower paintings When I started painting contemporary abstract flower paintings as a kid; I was fascinated by the intricate colors, textures and beauty of flowers. I always wondered, why can’t these flowers bloom forever? I’ve explored [...]

Buddha paintings & attaining nirvana

Paintings of Buddha on canvas – soothing & inspiring I wanted my latest art series to touch the heart. I have depicted the human emotions of joy and desire in my abstract art, however, this time I wanted [...]

Abstract OM paintings – reliving the magic of OM

Abstract OM Paintings I first started creating abstract OM paintings to explore the effect on its surroundings. The results were so amazing that I’ve started painting an entire series of OM paintings! The OM symbol radiates positivity through [...]

From a Mother’s heart – in abstract art!

Motherhood is a blessing which cannot be described in words. No love is greater than a Mother's love. I have tried to portray this inexplicable feeling in abstract art! The popular has featured an article on my [...]

What are abstract paintings ?

Here's my second blog article on the second most frequent question I'm asked - "What are abstract paintings?" Before we go into the abstract part of art, let's consider for a moment, the meaning of art. What is [...]

Art, inspiration and paintings coming alive!

Hi, welcome to my art blog - where paintings come alive! I'm finally joining the blogging sphere thanks to my new year's 2014 resolution. It's a great platform for several reasons and I hope this resolution sticks! Here's [...]